One Room Challenge-Week 3

You guys.  I will be completely honest with you.  There has been nearly zero progress on this room in the last week.  It's been a crazy week at work and just in life.  HOWEVER.  I did finish completely scraping the ceiling and I began to sand all the patches.  I should be able to finish sanding and texturing this weekend so we can begin to move forward.  I'm really hoping this is the slow, long drawn out, challenging phase...but what do I know?

Here's a treat! I took some pictures last year after we moved in and first set up shop.  Here's how this room looked right after we moved in.  Notice how I tried to make festive since it was Thanksgiving when we moved?

Good news:
-I finally connected with a floor guy who gave us a lower than expected quote to refinish the floors on the main floor and install floors in the room (separate phases)-THANK YOU ASHLEY
-I picked up samples for the wood floor and we've narrowed down our options  
-Window shades were ordered and arrived
-I think we decided on a tile pattern for the floor
-I ordered the light fixture (have to replace that ceiling fan beauty with something!
-One of the pillows I wanted was out of stock, but came back in stock!  I have to find a new floral pillow though, because I CANNOT spend $180 on a pillow made of my dream fabric.  Just can't do it!

 Here you can see the original light, fixtures and mirror in the bathroom.  Those have been gone for a few months waiting for us to get going.  

Here's how the shower curtain from last weeks board really looks.  I saved to buy this ridiculously priced shower curtain about 7 years ago, and I still love it. 
I'm especially excited to be able to close the door all the way, because the door to this bathroom was not on straight and would never close right!

Bad news this week:
-We're about to get schooled in DIY tiling and wall texturing, I know it
-I hunted for doors to match the original doors everywhere else in the house with no luck.  I did find a tutorial to build them online-maybe we'll add some more woodworking to this?  (he does mention they're basically carried at every lumber yard, but I haven't been able to verify that at all).

To do this week:
-figure out curtain rod (I ordered acrylic rods through american plastics for 2 other rooms, so I'll probably do the same. But I used the hardware I originally purchased for this window upstairs in our bedroom, so I need to order that too. 
-sand, texture the walls
-measure shower and order tile for shower
-remove old shower
-order wood floors
-order floor tile
-rip up bathroom floor

WISH US LUCK!  Meanwhile, follow along with all the experienced and also those seeing great progress HERE and all of us guest participants, here. 

with love, Amy

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