One Room Challenge Week 2 (and a half)

One Room Challenge Fall 2016

One Room Challenge Fall 2016 by amykwadley featuring a landscape painting

Here is the inspiration/mood board for this room. Some of those are things we already own (*that shower curtain is not the actual one we own, I couldn't get a correct picture to load into polyvore to make this mood board, the rugs, the tv cabinet, sofa, salt lake temple print)  heart, bathroom accessories). Some I'll DIY (the basket, the curtains), and some we'll have to purchase still (the window shades, the pillows, the painting and the floor).

We made some good progress, but I can't show pictures because I uploaded them to the laptop and now I'm on the desktop.  Suffice it to say, there is no more trim (that's door, window, closet interior shelves, attic access), no more wall paper (kind of-there is still a layer and I CANNOT get it off, so we're working around that), no more doors (that's minus 3!), and a LOT of ceiling texture all over the carpet.

This week, the missionaries came and helped us scrape/sand the ceiling and we didn't get far, but now we're making progress. We met with a wood floor guy and installing/refinishing the floors on the rest of this level of the house will be surprisingly affordable.  Here's what's left:

  • Find the floor we want to put in.  (tricky since the floors in our house are 2" and "they just don't make them like they used to."  Meaning, the smallest we can find is 2 1/4.)
  • order the light, pillows, lamp and emily jeffords painting (I love her paintings and this will only be a print, but one day I'll have an original when they're available and I'm fast enough!), blinds
  • DIY the knock off curtains and eliza gran basket (because I am not going to pay $180 for a pompom basket, but I'll DIY a knockoff)
  • cut and install can lights to match house
  • retexture walls and ceiling to match the rest of the house (which sadly isn't still smooth!
  • Order the floor, have it acclimate, 
  • Purchase, cut, stain and install trim to match the rest of the house (a week in itself, easily!)
  • paint!
  • rip apart the bathroom shower
  • tile the shower (learn how!)
  • install wood floor
  • figure out which direction we're going with the rug, one comes from the bedroom.
  • hang gallery wall and reframe some art that needs it.

The list isn't small, but it's possible.  It would be easier if we didn't work so far away from home, and if we didn't have other obligations like school work, Clint's chorus and young women; but, that is life!  It will likely take us much longer than 6 weeks, but if we're done by thanksgiving, I'll call that a win.  
Check out the progress of the other participants, HERE. 
love, amy


  1. I hope you like Pennsylvania. I just started a blog in March and participated in the April ORC. I live in northern Pennsylvania in a Queen Anne Victorian built in 1889. I love old houses. Yours sounds really nice. I really like your inspiration/mood board. I have no idea how to do one. My ORC this time is changing a half bath off the kitchen into a pantry. I really like your black and white color scheme and the color in the bathroom.

  2. Lucille, Thank you! I learned how to do a mood board on polyvore from the blog housetweaking (Dana gives a great tutorial in 4 parts). I LOVE Queen Anne's! There are quite a few beautiful ones in our town! I love the improvements you're making to your home, too!